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Custom Backpacks: Choose Your Style

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High Sierra Chaser Wheeled Compu-Backpack

SKU: 1437-103
as low as

Expandable Rolling Backpack

SKU: 1444-11
as low as

Rolling Super Computing Bag

SKU: 1429-07
as low as

Highland Backpack Cooler

SKU: 1438-22
as low as

Sea Isle Insulated Bottom Backpack

SKU: 1413-10
as low as

Wenger Spirit Scan Smart Compu-Backpack

SKU: 1437-130
as low as

Wenger Scan Smart Trek Compu-Backpack

SKU: 1437-125
as low as

Thule 32L Crossover 17" Computer Backpack

SKU: 1437-172
as low as

Thule EnRoute Escort 2 15" Computer Backpack

SKU: 1437-171
as low as

Thule Stravan 15" Computer Backpack

SKU: 1437-170
as low as

Thule EnRoute Triumph 2 15" Computer Backpack

SKU: 1437-169
as low as

Slazenger Competition Compu-Backpack

SKU: 1437-78
as low as

Slazenger Turf Series Compu-Backpack

SKU: 1437-77
as low as

High Sierra TSA 15" Computer XBT Deluxe Backpack

SKU: 1437-206
as low as

HIgh Sierra TSA 15" Computer Backpack

SKU: 1437-205
as low as

High Sierra 17" Computer UBT Deluxe Backpack

SKU: 1437-201
as low as

High Sierra Access Compu-Backpack

SKU: 1437-110
as low as

High Sierra Big Wig Compu-Backpack

SKU: 1437-95
as low as

High Sierra Mojo Compu-Daypack

SKU: 1437-115
as low as

High Sierra Overtime Fly-By Compu-Backpack

SKU: 1437-114
as low as

High Sierra Haywire Compu-Backpack

SKU: 1437-112
as low as

High Sierra Fallout Compu-Backpack

SKU: 1437-111
as low as

High Sierra Tactic Compu-Backpack

SKU: 1437-107
as low as

High Sierra Elite Fly-By Compu-Backpack

SKU: 1437-102
as low as

Our custom backpacks come with either silkscreen printing, heat-stamped logos, or full-color digital transfer. So, you can choose the look that’s perfect for your brand. And your products will look right at home wherever they go, whether it’s hiking rugged landscapes, ducking into class, or navigating the urban jungle.

Ready to get started?Contact our friendly 5-star customer service team – we’ll help you pick your perfect product and position your artwork for the best result. Then we’ll send you a sample to make sure you’re 100% happy with your custom backpack.

Why Order Custom Backpacks?

Custom backpacks are a great choice for schools, universities, gyms, and other businesses. Here’s why:

They Take Your Brand Places

Boost your visibility without paying for advertising. Whether you sell or give away your custom backpacks, your brand will go all sorts of places – from home to school, work, gyms, airports, and beyond.

They’re Versatile

You can sell branded backpacks in your store, give away customized backpacks to customers or employees, or showcase your brand at an event. Schools and universities can raise money by selling them to students, while gyms and fitness groups can bring in extra revenue with a branded product that’s right at home with the water bottles and sports towels. Whether you need to generate awareness, boost customer loyalty, or make some sales, a custom backpack will fit right into your business strategy

They’re Always Practical

There’s nothing gimmicky about this promotional item. Whatever style backpack you choose, you’ll get a practical, wearable product that’ll showcase your brand to the world. And one that will get used again and again.

They’re a Keeper

More people value larger promotional items like backpacks. The smaller stuff might end up in the trash after a day or two, but your custom backpack will get used for years to come.

They’re Unique

It’s not just your logo that’s unique. You also get to choose a bag design that’s a perfect match for your brand and your customers. With over 250 designs, you can feel confident your product is uniquely you. Types of backpacks you can choose from include:

Sports backpacks
Computer backpacks
Fold up packable backpacks
Hydration packs
Leather backpacks
Rolling backpacks
Fasion backpacks
Custom drawstring bags
• + more

Ready to turn your clients, students, or employees into walking advertisements? Simply select your favorite backpack style above, then start the process with Bagmasters. We’ll help you design and produce the perfect custom backpack that’ll help your brand get noticed every time.