Custom Clear Backpacks & Bookbags

Display your logo with pride on our custom clear backpacks. These durable, well-made clear backpacks are incredibly versatile - perfect for events, promotions, corporate branding, or K-12 promotions. Available in a selection of different sizes and designs, wholesale clear backpacks are the perfect way to get your message across at the same time as providing your target audience with an attractive, functional piece of luggage.

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Custom Printed Sigma Clear Mini Backpack

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Custom Printed Clear Backpack

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Clear Backpack

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Havelock Clear Backpack

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Back-To-School Clear PVC Backpack

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Rally Clear Drawstring Bag

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Rally Clear Backpack

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Clear Front Backpack

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We'll walk you through the process, including complimentary mockups and free samples (see service reviews).


Enjoy competitive pricing and great value products (see price reviews).


With in-house manufacturing on most products and fast shipping, you'll get your order faster (see delivery reviews).

Suitable for Marketing, Promotional Work, or Branding

If you want to create a sense of unity within your organization, these clear backpacks are the way to go. They can be printed with your chosen logo, motto, or other brand design. A good choice for school outings, or as an everyday school bag, these backpacks can also be used as promotional items, or for use by school or college teams.

We sell wholesale clear backpacks at a discounted rate per unit, enabling you to get better value for money when you choose to buy in higher volumes.

Tough, Durable Backpack That's Highly Functional

Our backpacks are made from tough plastic that's securely stitched and designed to last. We pride ourselves on creating products that are designed to be genuinely useful and to last well. Our backpacks, for example, feature generously sized pockets and pouches that are large enough to hold bigger items such as water bottles.

Durable zippers hold the contents of the bag securely in place.

The bottom of each backpack is reinforced. We understand that sometimes these backpacks have to carry a fair bit of weight - reinforcement means they won't let you down, even with considerable use.

Several Different Designs

The bags and backpacks can be customized to suit your preferred design requirements. Options include the addition of a zippered front pocket, a drawstring closure, side and/or front pouches, a carry handle on the top of the backpack, zippered top, and different dimensions.

If you would prefer a backpack that's only partially clear, we can create a customized version that has a see-through front, teamed with an opaque back and sides.

Custom Clear Backpacks are Suitable for all

We strive to create items that are inclusive and appealing to an extremely wide audience. These custom clear backpacks are unisex, suitable for all ages, and are neutrally colored and designed so there is no chance of inadvertently sending out a wrong message.


Do you provide discounts on bulk purchases?

If you are ordering a high volume of clear backpacks, either for the use of your organization or for wholesale use, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss a bulk discount with you.

Why opt for Clear Backpacks?

Besides being appealing to look at, versatile, functional, and durable, clear backpacks are a good option for venues where there is a need to be aware of what people are carrying for security reasons.

What options are there for adding my logo to your backpacks?

We give our customers the option of using embroidery, subliminal printing, full-color digital transfer, heat-stamped logo, or silkscreen printing for their logo design. If you're not sure which technique is going to work best for your logo, we're happy to advise.

What designs do you have available?

Our backpacks are made in different sizes and styles, including backpacks that are suitable for holding tablets or laptops, rucksacks, and kids' backpacks.