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Looking for an extremely affordable, versatile and fun give away branding item to hand out at conferences, tradeshows, and other promotional events? Look no further than custom printed lanyards. These promotional items are ideal giveaway gifts for companies looking for new and effective ways to promote their brand and get the most out of their marketing budgets. Lanyards are a favorite of companies all around the world due to their affordability, usefulness, and ability to elevate and promote a company in any setting. Your company can use or give away these items at conferences, expos, trade shows, nonprofit events, and concerts. No matter the event, customized lanyards add credibility in the corporate and professional arenas, while simultaneously imparting company brands and logos to the public.

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1/2" Economy Lanyard (3 Days)

SKU: 2999-05
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Hang In There Lanyard

SKU: 2913-02
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1/2" Double Bulldog Clip Lanyard (3 Days)

SKU: 2999-04
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Custom Printed Lanyard With Lobster Clip

SKU: 2913-04
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Dye Sublimated 1/2" Lanyard

SKU: 2999-25
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3/4" Reflective Lanyard (3 Days)

SKU: 2999-11
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3/4" Tie Die Lanyard (5 Days)

SKU: 2999-10
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1 1/2" Sublimated Ribbon Lanyard (10 Days)

SKU: 2999-09
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3/4" Sublimated Stretchy Lanyard (10 Days)

SKU: 2999-08
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3/4" Sublimated Release Lanyard (10 Days)

SKU: 2999-07
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Uses for Custom Printed Lanyard

Need some help thinking of great ways to put custom printed lanyards to use for your company? No matter what industry you’re in, there is a lanyard to fit your needs. Here are some of the most popular uses:

Corporate Gifts for Employees

Many offices around the world require employees to have ID badges to keep locations secure. By giving out customized lanyards, like these retractable badge lanyards, you’ll be providing companies ways to help employees have their badges easily accessible at all times. Printing a company logo on the lanyard will also help add a layer of security.

Promoting School Spirit

Custom printed lanyards are great items to hand out to students to promote a sense of inclusion and school spirit among students and employees. Whether it is for high school, middle school, or college, students of all ages will love being able to don their branded lanyards while on campus.

Sporting events

Help fans of all ages support their favorite professional and recreational sports teams with lanyards printed with team colors, logos, and even mascots. Sublimated lanyards are ideal for sporting events of any size.

Business events

Hosting a conference, team-building event, or seminar for your company? Utilize lanyards to hold attendee ID badges while making it easy to identify participants and what companies they work for. To help identify the status of different attendees, like event speakers and first-time attendees, go ahead and hand out different colored lanyards.

Conventions and concerts

Conventions and concerts that have VIP ticket sales are the perfect events for custom lanyards to be put to use. Easily identify which attendees are VIP by handing out lanyards, like these promotional 1” lanyards, that will also serve as a valued keepsake for attendees after the event has ended.

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No matter what your needs are for custom printed lanyards, Bagmasters has a wide selection of various styles and lengths that are sure to be the perfect fit for your company or event. Lanyards elevate your company’s image while adding a touch of professionalism that’s both noticeable and understated. With bulk ordering capabilities, fast turnaround times, and speedy shipments, Bagmasters can quickly supply premium quality branded lanyards for your next event. In addition, our lowest price guarantee will ensure you never overpay for promotional products. Browse the Bagmasters website today and place your order for customized lanyards.