Custom Printed Lanyards

Enhance your company's image with custom lanyards and make the right impression when the stakes are highest. Ideal for conferences, expos, trade shows and nonprofit events, branded lanyards add credibility in the top professional and corporate arenas. Choose from eco-friendly recycled PET lanyards, high-quality screen-printed lanyards, deluxe water bottle-holding lanyards and everything in between. The perfect way to elevate your company's image, custom lanyards add a touch of professionalism that's both noticeable and understated. With bulk ordering capabilities and speedy shipments, Bagmasters can quickly supply premium-quality branded lanyards for your next event. Explore our complete collection and represent your business proudly by wearing its distinct brand around your neck.


We'll walk you through the process, including complimentary mockups and free samples (see service reviews).


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With in-house manufacturing on most products and fast shipping, you'll get your order faster (see delivery reviews).

23 Products

Hang In There Lanyard

SKU: 2913-02
as low as

2-in-1 Charging Cable Lanyard

SKU: 2913-01
as low as

3/4" Two-Tone Polyester Lanyard (3 Day)

SKU: 2999-03
as low as

3/4" Sublimated Stretchy Lanyard (10 Days)

SKU: 2999-08
as low as

3/4" Sublimated Release Lanyard (10 Days)

SKU: 2999-07
as low as

1 1/2" Sublimated Ribbon Lanyard (10 Days)

SKU: 2999-09
as low as

3/16" Power Cord Zipper Pull (10 Days)

SKU: 2999-13
as low as

5/8 Custom Flat Polyester Lanyard (10 Days)

SKU: 2932-05
as low as

3/8" Custom Flat Polyester Lanyard (10 Days)

SKU: 2932-04
as low as

3/8" Dual Use Lanyard (10 days)

SKU: 2999-12
as low as

3/8 Tubular Soft Lanyard (3-4 Weeks)

SKU: 2914-51
as low as

3/4" Tie Die Lanyard (5 Days)

SKU: 2999-10
as low as

3/4" Reflective Lanyard (3 Days)

SKU: 2999-11
as low as

1/2" Custom Flat Polyester Lanyard (10 Days)

SKU: 2932-02
as low as

Dye Sublimated 1/2" Lanyard

SKU: 2999-25
as low as

1/2" Economy Lanyard (3 Days)

SKU: 2999-05
as low as

1/2" Double Bulldog Clip Lanyard (3 Days)

SKU: 2999-04
as low as

1" Custom Flat Polyester Lanyard (10 Days)

SKU: 2932-01
as low as