Approved, Thank You!

Thanks for approving your sales order + art layout today. We are now releasing your order to production and will begin staging products to be in the decorating queue. If this was a mistake, please contact us 1-800-843-2247 to speak to your account manager. Now that your order has been approved, we will began pulling your product from inventory to stage it for decoration.

Currently Staging Products to Be Decorated

Decoration Methods

What decoration method should I choose?

Knowing the right way to decorate your logo on a product can make all the difference. And there are so many options available that choosing the right one might seem a little tricky.

To help, we’ll assign you an account manager who can walk through decoration options to help you choose what works best for you. After you order by phone or online, our team will also verify that what you’ve chosen will be the best way to imprint your logo. Nothing gets decorated until you approve an e-proof which will include a digital representation of how your logo will look on the product. If you have questions, call us 1-800-843-2247 during business hours and we would be more than happy to answer your questions.

The Latest Tech

Every year Bagmasters invests more into new tech to stay on top of our decorating game. And there have been some awesome improvements in how products are decorated - especially sublimation (see sublimated products). For those curious on the many ways a product can be decorated, here are the options:


Ink presses through special screens onto an item to give a lasting, classic finish.


Digital sewing machines stitch out a logo onto an item to produce a high-end stylish look.


Plates press a logo into the surface of the item for a smooth, subtle touch.


Applies a full color epoxy adhesive to almost any item's surface creating a high gloss, 3-D appearance.


Lasers etch logo designs into the items surface - typically changing the appearance to silver or white.

Light Thermal Transfers

Heat presses photo quality images onto natural or white fabrics.

Dark Thermal Transfers

Heat presses photo quality images onto dark fabrics for vibrant full color logos.


Infuses ink into fabric through heat for a long lasting high quality image in full color.

Foil Stamping

Adheres special metallic foils onto material for a standout glamourous finish.