Custom Wholesale Name Tag Holders

Strengthen your company's impact with branded name badge holders from Bagmasters. Proudly display your logo while representing your business's interests and exude professionalism in the most exclusive corporate arenas. Ideal for conferences, expos, trade shows and nonprofit events, branded name tag holders elevate your status as an established enterprise. Choose from several options, featuring durable, reusable construction, clear PVC pockets for name cards and sharp, professional designs that seamlessly integrate with any ensemble. With bulk ordering capabilities and fast shipments, Bagmasters can quickly supply you with premium-quality branded badge holders for your next event. Explore our current collection and deliver your message with functional, customized merchandise from the promotional product experts at Bagmasters.

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Large Pocket Badgeholder

SKU: 2324-02
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Velcro Dual Pocket Badgeholder

SKU: 2324-03
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Waterproof Pouch With Neck Cord

SKU: 2334-13
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Retractable Badge Holder With Laminated Label

SKU: 2034-03
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Dual Zippered Pocket Badge Holder

SKU: 2324-05
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Show-off Badgeholder

SKU: 2324-04
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Front Flap Badgeholder

SKU: 2319-01
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Custom Printed Nylon Neck Wallet Badge Holder

SKU: 2334-15
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Retract-A-Badge Round

SKU: 8254-01
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Interceptor Badge Holder

SKU: 2309-01
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