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Engage your corporate clients with custom briefcases from Bagmasters. Designed to meet the needs of contemporary business people, these stylish briefcases make your brand an indispensable part of your client's daily routine. Performing all the normal functions of a traditional briefcase, these unique branded products go the extra mile with pen holders, adjustable shoulder straps, side cell-phone caches and discrete, zippered pockets. Attractive, modern designs allow each briefcase to seamlessly blend with virtually any outfit or occasion. Whatever your angle, whatever the setting, Bagmasters has a personalized briefcase for your unique requirements. Explore our complete collection and discover stylish and innovative designs that deliver unmistakable marketing dividends.


We'll walk you through the process, including complimentary mockups and free samples (see service reviews).


Enjoy competitive pricing and great value products (see price reviews).


With in-house manufacturing on most products and fast shipping, you'll get your order faster (see delivery reviews).

47 Products

Solo Lead Slim Briefcase

SKU: 1238-25
as low as

Solo Essex Expandable Briefcase

SKU: 1238-24
as low as

Solo Rivington Slim Briefcase

SKU: 1238-23
as low as

Solo Voyage Briefcase

SKU: 1238-22
as low as

Solo Notch Briefcase

SKU: 1238-21
as low as

All Day Computer Briefcase

SKU: 1210-12
as low as

Economic Force Briefcase

SKU: 1210-11
as low as

Kapston Pierce Briefcase

SKU: 1210-10
as low as

Solo Route Tablet Pocket Slim Briefcase

SKU: 1238-20
as low as

Beckett Slim Convertible Computer Portfolio

SKU: 1228-26
as low as

Ogio Apex 15 Slim Case Briefcase

SKU: 1257-07
as low as

Elite 17" Computer Brief

SKU: 1299-07
as low as

Element Briefcase

SKU: 1299-06
as low as

Edge Document Briefcase

SKU: 1213-03
as low as

Excel Sport Briefcase

SKU: 1237-66
as low as

Solo Sag Harbor Briefcase

SKU: 1238-18
as low as

Solo Duane Hybrid Briefcase

SKU: 1238-16
as low as

OGIO Lucin Wheeled Briefcase

SKU: 1257-06
as low as

Oxford Slim 15" Computer Briefcase

SKU: 1237-61
as low as

Buckle 15" Computer Briefcase

SKU: 1237-55
as low as

Hayden Convention Briefcase

SKU: 1237-60
as low as

Sublimated USA Sewn Zippered Briefcase

SKU: 1299-05
as low as

Corner Pocket Convention Briefcase

SKU: 1237-51
as low as

Convenient Conveyer Briefcase

SKU: 1209-02
as low as