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Wholesale Tote Bags - The Versatile and Affordable Custom Branded Product

Here at Bagmasters, we’ve been manufacturing wholesale tote bags since the late 1980s, but we’ve been producing textiles for much longer. It’s why we’re the first choice when you need quantity and quality. And you can get it all from a heritage American company that’s been in the same family for three generations.

After all this time, we’ve learned a thing or two (thousand) about promotional items, but our specialty is wholesale tote bags. We know how to produce them faster, cheaper, and better quality than anyone else.

Why Order Wholesale Tote Bags?

So many reasons! But here are the top 4:

1. Value for money – Custom printed bags are cost-effective. You can get wholesale tote bags for as little as $0.63 each.
2. Usefulness – Totes are really useful. Everybody uses bags, whether it’s at school, at work, at a conference, or to pick up groceries.
3. Durability – Our printed bags are really durable, which means you can load them up with other promotional gear, work supplies, shopping, and more. Then use them time and time again.
4. Brand visibility – Investing in a quality, useful product increases the chances of someone using it, which helps your brand reach even more potential customers. A well-made custom logo bag will take your brand all sorts of places!

Who Orders Wholesale Tote Bags?

Everyone! We get a lot of wholesale tote bag orders from retailers, event organizers, schools, universities, marketers, and the list goes on. They’re a popular item for a whole range of events and purposes.

So, What Types of Wholesale Tote Bags Can You Get These Days?

The sky’s the limit. We stock more than 600 wholesale tote bags across 30+ categories, including sublimated totes, grocery totes, cotton totes, conference totes, foldable totes, and so many more.

Plus, don't just stop at tote bags... shop our full collection, including apparel, pens, stationery, and more. We’ve got the promotional gear solution to suit your business or event (and your budget).

Ready to order yours? Check out our full collection of custom tote bags, choose your favorite, then customize it by adding your logo. Or contact our friendly team for help.