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Step up your marketing game and take campaigns to the next level with custom printed promotional apparel to give away at conferences and trade shows. Clients and employees of all ages and professional backgrounds will love getting custom apparel as gifts no matter what the occasion or event. Increase brand recognition and generate goodwill with premium customized apparel that create powerful, enduring touchpoints to all audiences. Printing your company’s logo on any apparel, such as jackets, shirts, hats, and socks will not only promote a sense of inclusion for your supporters but also act as valuable ongoing marketing tools. You’ll be able to promote your brand to new audiences and building your company’s brand identity in the eyes of the public.

585 Products

Full Color Scrunchies

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Sublimated Bandana

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Silky Scarf

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Custom Multifunctional Neck Gaiter

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Sublimated Large Scarf

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Sublimated Stretch Bandana

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Custom Printed Woven Graphic Crew Socks

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Sublimated Crew Length Dress Socks

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Premium Dress Socks

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Custom Printed Superior 360 Degree Socks

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Sublimated Crew Length Blackout Socks

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Custom Sublimated Chef Apron

SKU: 10101-01
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Why Custom Printed Promotional Apparel?

Giving away promotional items is a well-known marketing practice that can provide the best ROI compared to other marketing strategies, thanks to the ability of the items to quickly promote a brand to target markets in a cost-efficient way. There are hundreds of options when it comes to finding the perfect items to brand before giving away to audiences and event attendees.

When creating branded items, it’s important to find unique items that audiences will want and not throw away as soon as they return home. Here are a few reasons custom apparel should be at the top of every company’s swag gift list:

They make great first impressions

Handing out branded promotional apparel at events is one of the best ways to make a strong first impression with audiences. Having a company logo printed tastefully on a shirt, hat, or jacket will get conference attendees excited to get their hands on one. They will appreciate having a quality piece of apparel over another pen or reusable bag and will be excited to wear it long after the event has passed.

They promote inclusion

People wearing apparel branded with your company’s logo will make them feel that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Apparel also help act as conversation starters when worn in public. Company apparel is a great morale booster for employees and helps everyone feel welcome within the company.

They provide ongoing marketing

Purchasing custom apparel is an extremely cost-efficient marketing strategy - even for the tightest of budgets - due to its ability to provide ongoing marketing. As audiences wear their branded apparel in public, they act as walking billboards for your company, proudly displaying your company’s logo to everyone they come into contact with.

Popular Apparel Items

The possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to different types of apparel to use for branding. No matter what industry your company is in, or what region offices are located, there is apparel to fit your needs. The most popular apparel items to brand are:

Bagmasters has a complete spectrum of formal and casual clothing for any occasion. Best of all, we can customize any item's color or features to accentuate a company's branding. Deliver your message with premium-quality, customized apparel from the promotional product experts at Bagmasters.