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Step up your company’s marketing game by handing out custom printed socks that are sure to win over your clients or employees. Using custom socks as promotional products is a creative way to display your brand through wardrobe staples while building brand recognition in the public eye. Socks make the perfect gift for employees and contest winners at trade shows or even community events. No matter the occasion, custom printed socks will surely help your recipients stand out among the crowds.


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Stand out with Custom Promotional Socks

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Flagship Cotton Crew Socks

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Cotton Athletic Crew Socks

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Wool Cotton Crew Socks

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Working From Home Sock Kit

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Black Sports Sock

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Premium Dress Socks

SKU: 11901-18
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Sublimated Crew Length Dress Socks

SKU: 11901-06
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Sublimated Blackout Knee High Tube Socks

SKU: 11901-11
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Sublimated Crew Length Tube Blackout Socks

SKU: 11901-09
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Sublimated All Over No Show Socks

SKU: 11901-01
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Sublimated Crew Length Blackout Socks

SKU: 11901-10
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Athletic Side Imprint Crew Length Socks

SKU: 11901-16
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Sublimated Athletic Crew Length Socks

SKU: 11901-02
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Qualities to Look for in Custom Printed Socks

It is crucial to find the best quality socks available to ensure they provide maximum marketing power for your company. Whether you’re handing out custom socks as a thank you to dedicated employees or giving away promotional items to boost awareness at a conference, you want to ensure you make your brand shine. Here are a few important qualities to consider when placing your order for custom printed socks:

High-Grade Materials

Just like with any promotional product, there will be a variety of different options available when it comes to the materials used for producing custom socks. The money you invest in the materials used will help extend the longevity of products in the hands of customers. In turn, you’ll be extending the life of your marketing campaign.


Basic white socks with a tiny logo will fail to garner excitement around your company’s brand. Have some fun and uniquely showcase your brand with socks that can be fully customized from top to bottom with your company’s logo and colors.


Not all socks are created equal! Do you want loud tube socks that are knee-high and fully sublimated, or more reserved crew length socks with a simple company logo? Or get the best of both worlds with calf-length long sport socks. These are just a few different wholesale sock styles that are available to meet the needs of your company. To start out, try purchasing a few different styles to see which ones are a favorite among your audiences.

Uses of Custom Printed Promotional Socks

Looking for creative ways to use promotional socks? Check out some of the best ways to get your brand in front of potential consumers:

Employee Appreciation Gifts

Custom socks can be used to welcome a group of new hires to your company on their first day, or say thank you to your most seasoned employees. Regardless of the reason, custom printed socks make the perfect employee appreciation gift no matter what industry your company is in.

Conference and Trade Show Giveaways

One of the best parts of attending conferences and trade shows is all the free swag gifts handed out by participating companies. Instead of overdone promotional products such as pens and office supplies, give attendees a unique wardrobe staple.

Company Merchandise

Give your company’s most loyal supporters another way to love your brand by offering custom socks for purchase both online and in brick and mortar stores.

Event Promotion

Have an upcoming promotional event? Hand out promotional socks that can act as useful keepsakes for attendees to wear and reuse long after the event has ended. This will also help build awareness around your brand.

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