Promotional Home Gifts for Sale

Make your brand a permanent fixture in the homes of your clients with customized promotional gifts from Bagmasters. With a stunning array of personalized home gifts, you can easily tab the right accessory for the right customer and make a powerful connection right where they live. Blending convenience and style, Bagmasters has assembled a broad collection of stylish customized products for the home. Select from pillows, kitchenware, barbecue sets, holiday decor, bathroom accessories, jewelry boxes, automotive products and much more. Stay firmly fixed in the minds of your customers, while offering top-quality personalized home gifts that elevate everyday living. Whatever your angle, whatever your goal, Bagmasters has a promotional product solution that will take your campaign to a higher level.


We'll walk you through the process, including complimentary mockups and free samples (see service reviews).


Enjoy competitive pricing and great value products (see price reviews).


With in-house manufacturing on most products and fast shipping, you'll get your order faster (see delivery reviews).

125 Products

Cinema Large Light Box

SKU: 5513-09
as low as

Descend Auto Phone Mount

SKU: 5313-07
as low as

Wheat Straw Food Storage with Utensils

SKU: 10113-04
as low as

O'Neill Park 3-Piece Carving Set

SKU: 9438-04
as low as

Cosmopolitan 7-Piece, 2-Straw Stainless Steel Set

SKU: 9438-03
as low as

Dripsy Corduroy Square Coaster

SKU: 9499-23
as low as

Felt Board with Letters

SKU: 5513-08
as low as

Sublimated Hot Pad

SKU: 5501-09
as low as

Sublimated Left Handed Oven Mitt

SKU: 5501-07
as low as

Sublimated Color Square Coaster

SKU: 5501-02
as low as

Sublimated Neoprene Oven Mitt

SKU: 5501-01
as low as
$3.98 $4.44

PET Stocking

SKU: 12401-02
as low as

Cotton Stocking

SKU: 12401-01
as low as

Valet Leather Valet Tray

SKU: 5599-29
as low as

Stella Star Ornament

SKU: 5599-28
as low as

Frosty Snowman Ornament

SKU: 5599-27
as low as

Firefly Safety Matches

SKU: 5599-26
as low as

8" x 8" x 3.5" Large Square Wooden Box

SKU: 5599-25
as low as

Bag Recycler

SKU: 9410-01
as low as

Serenity Concrete Candle

SKU: 13299-01
as low as

Light Up Cinema Board

SKU: 5534-34
as low as

Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box with Cutting Board Lid

SKU: 9437-22
as low as

Black Marble Cheese Board Set with Knives

SKU: 9437-21
as low as