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Sample Policy

So you found a product you like but not sure if you love it yet? Don't worry, we know that sometimes seeing the sample in person makes all the difference. Simply select 'sample' under the decoration method when ordering online to get a random printed sample at our lowest listed online price.

To help out, use promo code 'samples' during checkout to get $15 off your sample order. It's part of our free sample program. If costs are over $15, I recommend speaking with an account representative to discuss your project further. It may be that multiple samples are coming from different locations which drives up the shipping costs. Your account manager may be able to help you lower this cost or waive the fees involved based on your accounts sample budget.

Here's some quick facts about our sample program:

  • • Items that ship via FedEx Ground typically arrive within 4-5 days.
  • • Samples may come imprinted to demonstrate decorating capabilities.
  • • Items without imprint available upon request.
  • • Items may ship from more than one location.
  • • Items may come in more than one box.
  • • When placing your final order, we can discount the amount spent on samples (up to $15)
  • • It's not necessary to return samples unless otherwise requested.

If you're ordering multiple samples, we recommend calling your account manager at (800) 843-2247 during business hours Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.