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Amplify your promotional impact with personalized media accessories from Bagmasters. With custom headphones and branded wireless speakers, you can make your message loud and clear. Choose from a nice variety of options, including water-resistant Bluetooth speakers, silicone cellphone speakers, amplifying speakers, Bluetooth headphones, music splitters and ear buds in branded compact cases. Add a unique element to each product by showcasing your company's logo and build goodwill among your most valued customers. Need your products in a hurry? Bagmasters offers fast shipping, so you can stock up for fast-approaching trade shows, giveaways or community events. We also offer low bulk shipping rates to help you get optimal value for your marketing dollar. The right custom products speak volumes about your company's brand. Send the right kind of message with personalized media accessories from the promotional product experts at Bagmasters.

52 Products

Cadence Bamboo Wireless Light-Up Speaker

SKU: 4638-35
as low as

Periscope Bluetooth Ear Buds

SKU: 4699-08
as low as

Trendy Ear Bud Set

SKU: 4699-07
as low as

Hockey Puck Bluetooth Speaker

SKU: 4699-06
as low as

Sporty Pouch & Colorful Ear Buds

SKU: 4699-05
as low as

Brightly Colored Ear Buds

SKU: 4699-04
as low as

Skullcandy Cassette Bluetooth Headphones

SKU: 4637-125
as low as

Fabric Wireless Speaker

SKU: 4634-52
as low as

Skullcandy Jib Plus Active Bluetooth Earbuds

SKU: 4637-124
as low as

Allegro Wood Grain Wireless Speaker

SKU: 4634-51
as low as

Silicone Case for Airpods

SKU: 4613-14
as low as

Cylinder Bluetooth Speaker

SKU: 4613-13
as low as

Bright Logo Bluetooth Speaker

SKU: 4610-04
as low as

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

SKU: 4610-03
as low as

Jam Classic 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

SKU: 4610-01
as low as

Essos True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds w/Case

SKU: 4637-119
as low as

Unison Wireless Charging Pad & Speaker

SKU: 4634-47
as low as

Jam Sesh Wireless Speaker

SKU: 4634-45
as low as

COB Pop-Up Lantern With Speaker

SKU: 4634-44
as low as

Boost Wireless Charger Speaker

SKU: 4634-43
as low as

Octave Light Up Wireless Speaker

SKU: 4634-42
as low as

Mighty Mini Wireless Speaker

SKU: 4634-40
as low as


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