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When you’re looking to provide people with a functional item that can be used for a long time and make a favorable impression, there’s no better product than custom printed coolers. Whether you’re looking to distribute them during a workshop, convention, or even a promotional event, custom coolers are ideal for branding and act as utility items for individuals receiving them.

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Field & Co. Campster 12 Bottle Craft Cooler

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Carter Quilted Cooler Bag

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Crosshatch Non-Woven Cooler Bag

SKU: 1834-112
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Non-Woven Folding Identification Lunch Bag

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Canvas Lunch Bag

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Heather Gray Cooler Bag

SKU: 1824-33
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6-Can Cooler

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Crosshatch Non-Woven Lunch Bag

SKU: 1834-105
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Glacier Jumbo Insulated Cooler

SKU: 1824-34
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Wave Design Non-Woven Cooler Lunch Bag

SKU: 1834-115
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600 Denier Lunch Pack

SKU: 1824-30
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Compact Snack Pack Cooler

SKU: 1824-35
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Why Are Our Custom Coolers Perfect For Your Needs?

When you want to impact individuals about your brand positively, you want to ensure that you’re giving them an item that can be used for years. While it may be particularly suited to some industries like food & beverage, outdoor recreation, sports, etc., coolers are an ideal item for anyone due to their versatility.

At Bagmasters, you’ll find a wide range of coolers that are ideal for all needs. Whether you need one with a firm structure or a collapsible cooler, find it all here.

Getting a Personalized Cooler

There are various customization options that you can get for coolers when you’re looking to promote your brand. If you’re unsure about what’s available for you, have a browse through the categories to get a clearer idea.

Personalized coolers can come in all sizes and shapes, and if you have a particular idea in your mind, you can always reach out to our customer support team to make them a reality. Whether you need a logo or a quote on your cooler, it can be a simple process to make it happen.

Wide Selection of Promotional Coolers

There are many types of coolers available, which can include:

  • ● Foldable Coolers
  • ● Lunch Coolers
  • ● Picnic Coolers
  • ● Rolling Coolers
  • ● 32 Can Coolers
  • ● 24 Can Coolers
  • ● 6 Can Coolers
  • ● Sublimated Coolers

You can also find coolers with different volume capacities and different designs. When you’re looking for a cooler that complements your brand image, look for the same colors or motifs present in your brand.

Catered to Your Budget

Not all brands have an unlimited budget when it comes to distributing freebies. So, when you’re on a limited budget, find personalized mini coolers for wholesale prices. You don’t have to skip out on the customization either, as you can find plenty of options that can be pretty affordable (like logo stamping)

Quick Turnaround Times

If you’re on a time crunch and need some coolers for your convention in a few weeks, there’s no need to worry. You can choose to get expedited shipping and customization that will allow you to distribute them for your next event.

Common FAQs for Buying Promotional Coolers

What Type of Customization is Available on Personalized Mini Coolers?

There are different types of personalization available for coolers, which include:

  • ● Custom embroidery
  • ● Imprinting
  • ● Silkscreen imprinting
  • ● Light thermal transfer
  • ● Foil stamp
  • ● Logo Stamp

These are a few types of customizations that you can get on your cooler. The size of the customization and the method you opt for can be dependent on your budget.

Is it Possible to Buy in Bulk or Look For Wholesale Coolers?

At Bagmasters, all of our custom printed coolers are available to buy in bulk and for wholesale prices. When you’re looking to make your brand stand out while on a budget, we make the process easier for you.

Can I Get Custom Logo Coolers in Any Material and Quality?

Depending on what type of cooler you are looking for, you might not be able to find it in all types of materials. Coolers tend to have insulated material that keeps the food and beverages hot or cold, limiting their availability in different materials. All coolers offered on Bagmasters are made to last and are of high quality.