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Looking to order the best quality custom coolers for your business or event? We’ve got you covered with over 200 unique designs ready to be personalized. Cooler bags are a powerful way to get your brand seen by more people, especially for businesses in the food and beverage, outdoor recreation, or trade industries. Whether they're picnicking at the park, catching some sun at the beach, or heading to the big game, your clients will appreciate these convenient branded coolers.


We'll walk you through the process, including complimentary mockups and free samples (see service reviews).


Enjoy competitive pricing and great value products (see price reviews).


With in-house manufacturing on most products and fast shipping, you'll get your order faster (see delivery reviews).

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Wave Design Non-Woven Cooler Lunch Bag

SKU: 1834-115
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Lunar Box Cooler

SKU: 1828-71
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Sublimated All Over Lunch To Go Tote

SKU: 1801-05
as low as

Sublimated Topside 6 Pack Cooler

SKU: 1801-02
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Dumont XL Cooler

SKU: 1828-70
as low as

The Big Chill Cooler

SKU: 1810-08
as low as

Koozie Six-Pack Cooler

SKU: 1810-07
as low as

Canvas Lunch Bag

SKU: 1801-04
as low as

Seville 16-Can Soft Cooler Bag

SKU: 1838-38
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Slade Cooler Lunch Bag

SKU: 1834-114
as low as

Metallic Non-Woven Roll Lunch Bag

SKU: 1834-113
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Crosshatch Non-Woven Cooler Bag

SKU: 1834-112
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Northwoods Cooler Bag

SKU: 1834-111
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Carter Quilted Cooler Bag

SKU: 1834-110
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Hunter Houndstooth Cooler Bag

SKU: 1834-109
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Major Metallic Cooler Bag

SKU: 1834-108
as low as

Alfresco Cooler Bag

SKU: 1834-107
as low as

Brighton Heathered Cooler Bag

SKU: 1834-106
as low as

Crosshatch Non-Woven Lunch Bag

SKU: 1834-105
as low as

Arizona 18-Can Cooler Bag

SKU: 1838-37
as low as

Canyons Lunch Sack Cooler

SKU: 1838-36
as low as

Taylor Lunch Cooler

SKU: 1828-69
as low as

Bistro Box Cooler

SKU: 1828-68
as low as

Vertex Durango Weatherproof Cooler

SKU: 1828-67
as low as

Ordering a custom cooler doesn’t have to be hard. Here at Bagmasters, we’ve perfected the process so all you need to do is pick your favorite design and let us handle the rest. We’ll help narrow down your options, set up the artwork, and send you a free sample. Choose from folding lunch coolers, rolling cooler bags, insulated cooler totes, lunch bags, and more. Then pick the features that matter most to you, whether it’s recycled materials, adjustable shoulder straps, high-performance insulation, water-resistant materials, zippers, or Velcro closures. To complete your order, we’ll add your artwork, with photo-quality graphics for crisp, recognizable branding. Then, we’ll finalize your order in time for a speedy manufacture and delivery. It’s all part of the 5-star service.

7 Smart Uses For Custom Coolers

Want to order some custom coolers but don’t know what you’ll do with them? This list will spark some ideas for you!

1. Gift with Samples

Does your business give out samples that need to stay chilled? Get more people to try your samples (and of course, become loyal customers!) with an insulated custom cooler. All while helping your brand stick around long after the food is gone.

2. Business Food Basket Gifts

Planning to say “thank you” to your clients with a food basket? Give your favorite clients the perishable foods they really crave (cheese platter, anyone?) or pre-chill their wine for them with a customized cooler bag!

3. Valuable Freebie at Food-Industry Events

We’ve all seen conference swag that’s average at best. It’s the good stuff that gets remembered, creates buzz, and gets long-term results for your brand. If you’re heading to an event for the food industry (or similar), a custom cooler bag will help you stand out and give attendees a handy way to stash their samples and gear.

4. Workplace Lunchboxes

Encourage more employees to bring lunch to work with a branded lunchbox cooler bag. Bonus tip: combine the cooler with a matching custom backpack for the ultimate branded employee gift!

5. Target Tradespeople with Your Message

If you want to target tradespeople with your marketing promotion, a custom cooler bag is the way to go. They’ll use it every day of the week, from bringing lunch to work to chilling their favorite weekend beverages.

6. Brand Recognition at Outdoor Events

How do you increase brand visibility at busy outdoor events? Be that company with the cooler bags everyone’s using. Whether you’re an event sponsor, a stallholder, or you run a free giveaway, this strategy is sure to get you noticed.

7. Food Delivery in Style

If your business offers a food delivery service, why not use custom insulated bags to keep the food hot/cold? Get more satisfied customers with food that tastes fresher, while boosting your professional brand image.