Work from Home Gifts

We probably never imagined we’d be sending work from home gifts, but these days finding ways to thank remote employees is key. Bagmasters carries a wide selection of the best work from home gifts to brighten your employees’ day.

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Santos 12oz Ceramic Mug

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WAS: $5.04

NOW: $3.43

Straight Wall Glass Mug

SKU: 3499-35
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WAS: $6.43

NOW: $3.64

Lighthouse 24-Can Non-Woven Cooler Tote

SKU: 1013-51
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WAS: $4.97

NOW: $3.51

Up Your Standard Stapler

SKU: 6399-03
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Ambassador Bound JournalBook

SKU: 8037-66
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15" Macbook Pro Suede-Ish Snapfolio

SKU: 2099-08
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Sublimated 11" Macbook Air Snapfolio

SKU: 2099-12
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Sublimated Kolder 9"Round Neoprene Mousepad

SKU: 6299-07
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Purity 18.5 Oz. Glass Bottle

SKU: 3528-08
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Neo 10oz Vacuum Insulated Cup

SKU: 3713-16
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13" Macbook Pro Suede-Ish Snapfolio

SKU: 2099-07
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11" Macbook Air Suede-Ish Snapfolio

SKU: 2099-06
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Why Buy Work from Home Gifts for Employees?

Work from home gifts are a great way to show employee appreciation, boost morale, and nurture company culture. By sending employees work from home gifts, your company can continue to make employees feel valued and connected even when they’re out of the office. Even small gifts can make large impacts. Show you care with gifts for work at home employees.

Different Types of Work from Home Gifts

Ensure your employees feel appreciated, relaxed, and a part of the team by sending them the best work from home gifts. Choose from an assortment of items to create the perfect gift. Not sure where to start? Here are some work from home gift ideas that your employees are sure to love!

Work from Home Employee Care Packages

Showing your employees that you care about them is a top priority. Employee care packages make a positive impact on how your employees feel as they work remotely. Look for items that make their new workspace more comfortable. Our Santos Ceramic Mug and the Albany Bamboo Notebook & Pen are thoughtful choices to help make working from home more enjoyable.

Bagmasters also carries a variety of custom stationery products to pair with custom wholesale pens. Mix and match items to create the perfect gifts for work from home employees.

Relaxation Gifts

With so much stress in the world, gifts that inspire relaxation are especially appreciated. Our Serenity Concrete Candle fits the bill. You can also choose from several stress relievers to give your employees a way to release tension. Want to be sure they take time to rest? Try our ultra-cozy Sherpa Blanket.

Work from Home Gifts for Employees with Children

Working from home alongside your children has become the norm for so many people. Bagmasters offers a generous selection of gifts for people that work from home and have kids. Our Mini Basketball & Hoop Set is always a hit. A 10” Flying Disk with Matching Pouch is another gift idea that will get your employee and his or her family outside for some fun.

Many of these gifts are also great for employees without children. Everyone needs to take a break from time to time! Bagmasters carries games and toys for all of your work from home gifting needs.

Work from Home Apparel

Office spirit doesn’t have to stop just because the office moved home. Continue the camaraderie with work from home apparel gifts. Pair cozy custom socks with custom sweatshirts or choose from a wide assortment of custom apparel. Keep company culture alive and well.

Show Employee Appreciation with Bagmasters

It’s more important than ever to show employees you appreciate them. Bagmasters makes it easy to create custom gifts that show you value your team. We offer quality products, the lowest price guarantee, and amazing service. Whether you opt for custom home gifts or home apparel, the thoughtful gesture will be well received by your employees. Find the best work from home gifts at Bagmasters!