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Meet the promotional campaign item that's fit to be tied. Custom ties at Bagmasters are an excellent way to increase your brand visibility with an essential part of any professional's wardrobe. Wholesale ties are a great choice as a corporate gift or as part of a stylized uniform. Stay relevant in the minds of customers and clients by adding your company's logo and branding via state-of-the-art, photo-quality sublimated printing or embroidery. Get started on your prototype with our bulk ties for sale below!

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How Custom Logo Ties Can Elevate Your Business

Networking: Wear custom ties to your next corporate event to represent your company. They can even act as an ice breaker when meeting other industry professionals. Pass out your wholesale ties to charm new connections and spread the word about your brand.

Brand Awareness/Recognition: By putting your logo out there, many potential customers will get to know your brand, whether consciously or subconsciously. With that, you'll build recognition and familiarity with consumers who could be your next customer.

Increase Advertising Reach: When a team member or client wears your branded tie, you're gaining free exposure, and you never know who you might impress. Your target market has the potential to grow significantly by expanding your reach to unfamiliar territory.

Employee Satisfaction: Providing employees with branded merchandise like promotional ties or custom polos shows you are proud to show them off. Boost morale with custom apparel items during the holidays, employee appreciation, or just because!

Stylized Uniform: When employees are dressed in uniform with custom logo ties, your audience will know what the business stands for. Custom ties can also help guests identify staff members at crowded events and serve as identification for your company. For formal occasions, elevate your dress code with custom jackets and custom dress shirts.

Types of Wholesale Ties

Aside from adding your design, you have options when it comes to the decoration method. No matter your choice, your bulk ties will be 56 "H x 3.8 "W x 0.25" D in size and made from high-quality polyester.

Custom Sublimated Dress Tie: Add your full-color design to our custom sublimated dress tie for a unique accessory. Your business is unique, and now your ties are too. Make your design as fun or professional as your target audience, and your brand will benefit.

Custom Embroidered Dress Tie: For a more subtle look, embroider your logo onto your custom ties! Digital sewing machines will stitch on your logo for a high-end result. This classic take on branded ties is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Custom Ties Design Tips

When it comes to designing your custom tie, your options are unlimited. Our team can seamlessly integrate any design using the decoration method of your choice. If you're just getting started in the process, it can be helpful to review a few tips on placing your logo:

  • 1. Bottom Tip: You can add your logo or text to the tip of the tie for a more subtle placement.

  • 2. Centered: For a more noticeable design, fit your logo to the center of the tie.

  • 3. Under the knot: Another popular placement is under the knot. A centered logo at the top of your tie won't be missed.

  • . Recurring pattern: For a more bold approach, use a recurring logo sprinkled evenly throughout the tie. Placing a recurring logo into diagonal rows is a surefire way to get a professional yet unforgettable look.

If you need help with your design, our account managers are happy to assist. We'll send you a complimentary mockup of your order to make sure everything's how you imagined. We've also created several eye-catching collections that act as inspiration to our customers. Ask us about our collections and quarterly lookbooks!

Save money with our everyday low pricing and special bulk rates. Order between 6-60 custom briefcases for your business at a price that suits you. We offer fast, reliable shipping so that you can get your items quickly. If you have questions before or after the ordering process, please call us at 1-800-843-2247.

Ordering Bulk Ties

Order custom ties from Bagmasters to take advantage of our special bulk rates and everyday low pricing! We're the ideal supplier of wholesale ties for every business. We also offer fast turnarounds on every order, so you can get the products you need right when you need them. If you have questions before or after the ordering process, please call us at 1-800-843-2247 Start your bulk order of customized neckties today!