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Bolster your brand image using custom duffel bags from Bagmasters. Our bags spread the word about your business and garner the attention it deserves with their excellent branding potential and functionality.

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Custom Printed Quick Kick Duffel Bag

SKU: 1608-01
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Custom Printed Eddie Bauer Tour Duffel

SKU: 1657-51
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Custom Printed Mercer + Mettle Weekender Duffel

SKU: 1657-49
as low as

Custom Printed Nike Brasilia Large Duffel

SKU: 1657-50
as low as

Custom Printed Field & Co. Fireside Eco Duffel

SKU: 1637-136
as low as

Custom Printed Day Trip Duffel Bag

SKU: 1634-26
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Ascentials Pro Hemi Duffel

SKU: 1638-15
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Day Tripper 29L Duffel Bag

SKU: 1699-29
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Custom Belair 17" Cotton Canvas Duffel

SKU: 1637-135
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The North Face Apex Duffel

SKU: 1657-48
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Oxygen 45l Hybrid Backpack Duffel

SKU: 1634-25
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Solo Highline Duffel

SKU: 1638-12
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Solo Leroy Rolling Duffel

SKU: 1638-14
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Solo Avenue C Rolling Duffel

SKU: 1638-13
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Darling Corduroy Duffel Bag

SKU: 1699-28
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Flex Sport Bag

SKU: 1628-25
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Lunar Sport Duffel Bag

SKU: 1628-22
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14 oz. Cotton Duffel Bag

SKU: 1601-01
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WAS: $18.96

NOW: $7.05

Packable Duffel Bag

SKU: 1610-01
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Kapston San Marco Duffel Bag

SKU: 1610-02
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Benefits of Custom Duffel and Gym Bags

Whether you need an overnight bag to travel out of town or go shopping, our bags will be ready with extra cargo space, durability, and lightweight material. We ensure that your branding message travels further with our custom duffel bags and gym bags.

The appealing designs will bring more visibility to your iconic logo and tune more people to your brand. Our bags are comfortable and spacious enough to carry your gym clothes, athletic gear, or camping necessities. Check out the complete range of custom duffel bags here.

Easily Customizable

Customizing Bagmasters’ duffel bag is a breeze. Use an in-built design tool to upload and preview your logo or artwork. We’ll handle the rest.

Our indigenously designed custom duffel bags include bells and whistles that will attract more eyeballs to your branding message. For one, there's ample storage to carry oddly-shaped knick-knacks and heavy bats, hoverboards, or rackets.

Personalized for Your Needs

At Bagmasters, we believe that one bag can’t fit all, as every brand conveys a different message. Hence, we offer smart design options to personalize your promotional duffel and gym bags.

If you plan to give away these bags at a sports banquet or athletic event, choose custom duffel bags with padded straps, sturdy zippers, rugged floorboards, and additional exterior pockets.

Bulk Pricing

Stretch your marketing dollars by tapping into our wholesale pricing. Since these bags are available in every cost option, it isn’t hard to choose a promotional item that fits your budget and highlights your brand perfectly.

Functional Designs and Styles

Versatile and functional duffel bags from Bagmasters offer varied designs and styles to suit different promotional needs. Whether you target gym-goers, athletes, or corporate executives, we have something for everyone. Types of custom duffel bags and gym bags at our store include:

  • • Duffel backpacks for short trips
  • • Leather duffel bags for corporate travel
  • • Rolling duffel bags for heavy lifting
  • • Shoe storage bags to protect uniforms and formal clothes from dirt
  • • Sports and gym bags for fitness lovers
  • • Sublimated bags with eco-friendly materials

FAQs about Duffel Bags

Are There Options in Colors and Sizes?

Yes, you can personalize the duffel bags in the color and size of your choice. The bags are available in multiple sizes ranging from small to large. Pick your promotional bags in a color that matches your logo.

What Materials Are Available?

With a wide assortment of materials used for our custom duffel bags, we ensure higher durability. Your choices include:

  • • Denier
  • • Cotton
  • • Leather
  • • Corduroy
  • • PVC
  • • Nylon
  • • Polyester-cotton blend
  • • PET
  • • Vegan leather
  • • Tarpaulin
  • • Wool
  • • Vinyl

Can I Buy Wholesale?

Bagmasters delivers wholesale promotional merchandise for various industries and sectors. You can buy any quantity and avail of our low price guarantee on bulk purchases.

What to Look for in Custom Duffel and Gym Bags?

Security, versatility, lightweight, and durability are the factors to consider when buying custom duffel bags. We also make our bags eye-catching to create strong impressions on users and onlookers.

Do you have more questions about duffel bags? Find answers here!