Custom Wholesale Scarves

Connect more creatively with sublimated scarves from Bagmasters. Wrap your message in a stylish fashion accessory and engage in ways you never thought possible. With chic creations and functional cold-weather designs, you can connect with your base like never before. Made from premium-quality materials, our full-size fashion scarfs are conceived to compliment your client's ensemble. Versatile and comfy, our multifunctional seamless buffs convert to a facemask, doo rag, hair cinch, wrist band or traditional scarf. Customize each accessory with your specs and we'll widen your customers' eyes with crisp, colorful, end-to-end sublimated printing. Improve your company's image by offering functional promotional accessories that pack actual real-world value. With Bagmasters, you can easily spread your message and cultivate client goodwill.

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Silky Scarf

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Sublimated Large Scarf

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Fleece Scarf

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Fleece Scarf With Pockets

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