Custom Stadium & Bleacher Seats

Boost brand awareness without going over-budget with custom stadium seats from Bagmasters. Make your customers sit up and take notice with branded products that appeal to your target audience. Choose from a nice array of versatile options, including foldable cushions that fit in a back pocket, non-woven cushions with handy hauling straps, and collapsible cushions with beverage holders and cellphone pockets. Available for as low as $2 each, personalized stadium seats allow you to spread brand awareness without straying outside your budget. We also offer bulk shipping rates and fast deliveries, so you can quickly prepare for upcoming events.. With low-priced promo options for cost-conscious businesses, Bagmasters allows you to achieve your marketing goals without spending a fortune. Browse our collection of custom stadium seats and discover impactful promo items for every kind of budget.

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Custom Printed Polyester Stadium Cushion

SKU: 10334-04
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Custom Printed Montgomery Stadium Cooler Seat Backpack

SKU: 10338-01
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Modern Stadium Seat

SKU: 10310-01
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