Custom Printed Flashlights

Illuminate your message with personalized mini flashlights from Bagmasters. Draw focus to your brand by delivering functional, real-world tools that provide enduring promotional power. With a fine line of premium-quality LED flashlights, Bagmasters is a beacon for brand recognition. Choose from a comprehensive collection, including heavy-duty, aluminum LED lights, keychain lights, pen lights, pocket lanterns, mini-clip lights, LED hanging lights, headlamps and multi-function, auto emergency lights. Put your company in the spotlight. With a diverse collection of branded flashlights, Bagmasters can help brighten your company's appeal and bring your message out of the dark.


We'll walk you through the process, including complimentary mockups and free samples (see service reviews).


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50 Products

Mini COB Worklight w/Magnet and Pen Clip

SKU: 6813-10
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COB Worklight with Magnetic Pocket Clip

SKU: 6837-113
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High Sierra 3W CREE XPE LED Flashlight

SKU: 6837-105
as low as

High Sierra Bright WATT CREE Zoomin Flashlight

SKU: 6837-106
as low as

High Sierra 18 LED Hanging Flashlight

SKU: 6837-91
as low as

High Sierra Bottle Opener Flashlight

SKU: 6837-89
as low as

High Sierra¨ Carabiner Hook Flashlight

SKU: 6837-96
as low as

High Sierra 4 L.E.D. Super Bright Lantern

SKU: 6837-53
as low as

Bluetooth Speaker Accordion Lantern Flashlight

SKU: 6837-97
as low as

Powerbank Bluetooth Speaker LED Flashlight

SKU: 6837-111
as low as

Illuminator 3000 mAh Power Bank Flashlight

SKU: 6837-109
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Dynamo Multi-Function Flashlight with USB

SKU: 6837-99
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Flare Power Bank 2200 mAh Flashlight

SKU: 6837-102
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Flare Telescopic LED Magnetic Flashlight

SKU: 6837-104
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Flare 8 LED Max Flashlight

SKU: 6837-100
as low as

Bottle Opener COB LED Magnetic Flashlight

SKU: 6837-98
as low as

Aluminum LED Flashlight

SKU: 6834-66
as low as

Telescopic Aluminum Flashlight With Magnet

SKU: 6834-68
as low as

Mini Aluminum LED Flashlight With Key Clip

SKU: 6834-67
as low as

Cirrus Lantern Flashlight

SKU: 6834-64
as low as

Flashlight / Emergency Tool

SKU: 6813-09
as low as