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Add some endurance to your promotional campaign with custom fitness accessories. With a diverse collection of personalized exercise accessories, Bagmasters has the power to strengthen your brand. Choose from a wealth of fitness products, including water bottles, resistance bands, jump ropes, sweat towels, gym bags, yoga mats, body tape measures, hot and cold gel packs and runner warning lights. We also offer a complete StayFit Personal Fitness Kit with ankle weights, weight extensions, exercise band and jump rope. Add some serious muscle to your message. With a diverse collection of branded exercise products, Bagmasters can energize your campaign and create lasting goodwill with clients.

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Custom All-Over Print Super Cooling Towel

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Custom All-Over Print Golf Towel

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Hand Grip Exerciser

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Hands-Free Headlamp

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Running Belt Fanny Pack

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Professional Yoga Mat

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Neoprene Running Belt Fanny Pack

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Sublimated Yoga Mat

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Yoga Mat

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Quick-Speed Jump Rope

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