Custom Zipper Tote Bags

Take your next marketing campaign to the next level with promotional tote bags with zipper. These reusable bags are a great item that you can use to promote your brand. They provide endless branding opportunities and are a budget-friendly choice for any marketing campaigns you have planned for the year. Whether you need a quick and easy giveaway for a tradeshow or looking for a go-to promotional product you can hand out to your customers, you can’t go wrong with custom tote bags with zipper.

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Top Zippered Cotton Tote

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Regatta Tote Bag

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Top Zippered Black Cotton Tote

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Clear Tote

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Meeting First-Class Zippered Tote

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Zipper Shoulder Tote

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Non-Woven Voyager Zippered Tote Bag

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City Zippered Tote

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4-Color Process Therm-O Tote

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TranSport It Tote

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Non Woven Top Stripe Tote

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Coast Sling Tote

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Benefits of Promotional Zipper Tote Bags

Wholesale tote bags with zipper are a must-have promotional product that you should always have on hand. They are easy to brand, reusable, and cost-effective.

A promotional tote bag with zipper is a great for getting your brand noticed every day. Every time your customer goes to the grocery store or heads to the local park, someone is sure to see your logo, which will help expand your reach and increase brand visibility.

Since zipper tote bags are so versatile, they are great as a gym promo, a customer gift, or even a raffle giveaway item. We always recommend buying in bulk or wholesale, so you can always have some on hand. Need them in a hurry? Don’t worry, we also provide fast shipping! So you can get your items quickly.

Great Selection of Choices To Choose From

At Bagmasters, we have a wide selection of wholesale tote bags with zipper you can choose from. To find the right bag for your brand, you'll want to consider your needs, marketing goals, and how you plan to use a zipper tote bag to complement your marketing initiatives. Whether you need a grocery tote, a cooler tote, or a weekender tote: we have you covered. Once you find the right zipper tote bag for your brand, you can add your logo with silkscreen, embroidery, and even sublimation.

Play With Different Materials and Colors

Looking for something out of the box and exciting? You’ll want to shop by materials or colors to find one that works for you! We have over 20 different materials and 23 different colors to shop for. So if you’re feeling like doing something more fun and exciting, you can easily find a promotional tote bag with zipper that works for you and your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zipper Tote Bags

Can I purchase promotional tote bags in bulk?

Absolutely! Buying in bulk is a cost-effective way to ensure you always have branded promotional tote bags with zipper readily available. We recommend buying enough to get you through the year, so you can always be prepared to hand out a bag at an event, to a customer, or as a gift.

Can I add my logo to a promotional tote bag?

Yes! We offer silk screening on almost all of our bags. Some totes can even receive sublimation or embroidery. Once you find the perfect wholesale tote bags with zipper, you can learn more about the decoration methods and capabilities on the page under the product details.

Why should I consider branding zipper tote bags?

A zipper tote bag is a go-to item you should always have on hand and ready to give to your customers. They help improve brand visibility and appeal to a larger audience. A tote bag with zipper is a must-have option for almost any occasion. For grabbing groceries at the store, a trip to the beach, or carrying your books around campus: you name it! Once you find one that you think suits your brand, all you need to do is add your logo, and you’ll be good to go.