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High-quality trade show bags are essential for brands that want to stand out and capture attention at events. Build a connection with trade show bags that showcase your best promotional items and offers. With 80+ trade show bags and totes to choose from, in a range of strong, sophisticated, and stylish designs, we’ve got the perfect style that’s ready to personalize with your message.


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Traditional Non-Woven Open Tote

SKU: 1024-62
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Full Gusset Tote

SKU: 1070-14
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Colored Canvas Gusset Tote

SKU: 1070-09
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Canvas Gusset Tote

SKU: 1070-08
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Promo Color Handle Tote

SKU: 1070-04
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Colored Canvas Gusset Shopper

SKU: 1070-02
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Abode Jute Tote

SKU: 1054-26
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Reversible Jute Tote

SKU: 1054-23
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Framed Jute Tote

SKU: 1054-16
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Soft Handle Jute Tote

SKU: 1054-15
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Super Jute Tote

SKU: 1054-05
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13 oz. Cotton Full Gusset Tote

SKU: 1044-66
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Colored Handle Cotton Tote

SKU: 1044-63
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Basic Non-Woven Tote Bag

SKU: 1044-53
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Dual Pocket Canvas Tote

SKU: 1044-51
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Non-Woven Medium Size Tote

SKU: 1044-31
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Non-Woven Tote Bag

SKU: 1044-30
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Full Gusset Large Tote

SKU: 1044-25
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Full Gusset Medium Tote

SKU: 1044-24
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Cotton Solid Color Tote

SKU: 1044-09
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Cotton Two-Tone Tote

SKU: 1044-08
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Cotton Canvas Tote

SKU: 1044-05
as low as

Petite Tote

SKU: 1037-21
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Tall Laminated Tote

SKU: 1034-84
as low as

Why Offering Trade Show Bags & Giveaways at Conferences is Smart Marketing

If you have a trade show or conference coming up and are not sure if giving away trade show bags is the right strategy for you, check out these 4 key reasons why you should have one:

Stand Out

Trade shows can be crowded places where everyone’s competing to be noticed. With stylish, branded trade show bags on offer, you’ll capture people’s attention, so they visit your stand and get to know you more. Because everybody loves free stuff.

Be Everywhere

You probably only have a handful of staff attending the tradeshow – so, how can you try to maximize your presence and connect with as many people as possible? The secret is trade show bags because attendees will start to see your brand everywhere as they walk around the event! Once you’ve piqued their curiosity, they’ll be unable to resist a visit to your stand.

Generate Goodwill

It’s tough trying to promote yourself at a busy tradeshow. But it’s a lot easier if you can reach out and give somebody a freebie (like a gift bag) to start the conversation. They’ll be a lot more open to hearing what you’ve got to say, exploring your offer, and handing over a phone or email address to follow up.

Build Your Brand

What happens after your trade show or conference is over? Well, hopefully, you’ll have hundreds or thousands of your branded bags out in the hands of your ideal audience. These bags are durable, lasting up to three years with regular use. Your customers can take their trade show bags shopping to work and anywhere they go. That means increased brand familiarity with your ideal audience and more exposure to the general community.

There are a ton of other great reasons to order trade show bags and give them away at conferences and events. But it all comes down to ROI – trade show bags are an affordable way to maximize your impact at a conference.

5 Trade Show Bag Stuffers

Go beyond the trade show bag and create a conference gift bag for attendees or visitors. Here are some ideas on stuff you can add to your bag (that won’t end up in the trash):

1. Info pack with a USB stick – Impress potential customers and clients with a branded USB stick that has extra information and free resources they can explore when they get home

2. Travel mug – Add a reusable coffee mug they’ll want to use every day

3. Quality pen & notebook – If your customers appreciate a good pen, include a custom executive pen and branded notebook so they can take plenty of notes at the conference

4. Earbuds – Because you can be sure they need a back-up pair of earbuds

5. Stuff for kids – Even if the trade show has nothing to do with kids, if most attendees have kids waiting at home, they’ll be thrilled to bring home something fun to share with their little ones (like a mini fan or set of cards)

Want more conference bag or trade show bag ideas? Our team is experienced in delivering custom branded items to organizations for conferences and tradeshows of all sizes around the world, and our specialty is custom tote bags.

Contact our friendly team for a chat and we’ll help you choose the perfect trade show bag, find quality promotional gear, and customize it all to help showcase your brand.

Get Trade Show Bags in Time for Your Conference

Getting started is easy. We’re here to help with 5-star service at every step, from choosing the right trade show bag to adding your artwork and customizing your bags, then choosing the right branded gear to put inside your bags.

So, you don’t have to stress about your upcoming trade show or conference – we’ve got you covered. As long as you place your order of trade show bags at least a few weeks in advance, your order will arrive on time, thanks to our fast shipping and quick turnarounds.