Custom Sublimation Tote Bags

When you’re looking for an innovative and bold way to stand out at your next convention, promotional event, or workshop, choose to make a statement with sublimation totes. These versatile and all-around functional items are guaranteed to not only make a favorable impression on your clients and receivers but also become widely used, ensuring that your brand gets seen wherever these tote bags go.

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Custom Sublimated Two Sided Cotton Tote

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Memento Sublimated Medium Gusset Tote

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Full Color Fold-Up Tote

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Sublimated Double Side Trade Show Tote

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Sublimated Front Trade Show Tote

SKU: 1001-43
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Sublimated Double Side Non-Woven Meeting Tote

SKU: 1001-36
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Sublimated Front Shopper Tote

SKU: 1001-80
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Sublimated Medium Wide Bottom Gusset Tote

SKU: 1001-159
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Daily Grind Vegan Leather Tote Bag

SKU: 1099-185
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Why Are Our Sublimated Tote Bags Ideal For Your Needs?

Not all promotional items or freebies are ideal for all requirements and individuals. When you’re looking for a versatile product guaranteed to be of use to the receiver in some way or another, getting these totes is ideal.

Whether they’re going out for groceries or need a large bag to take to school, sublimated bags are ideal for storing and carrying on the go. Our state-of-the-art customization ensures that your brand is evident when the receivers are walking around with these totes.

Superior Quality

You may be worried about how durable and well-made your promotional items can be. When you’re on a budget, it becomes crucial to select the best high-quality options and impart a favorable impression of your brand to the receiver.

Our Sublimation bags are guaranteed to endure for years with premium materials and innovative designs that make them functional for every aspect of life.

Design and Material Options Available

Sublimated totes can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. When you’re looking for a classic or a trendy option, select from our range that includes:

  • Fold-up totes
  • Meeting totes
  • Weekender Totes
  • Vegan totes
  • Wide-sewn totes

You can also find many material options that can be suitable for holding various items or give a different appearance to the tote. These include:

  • Vegan Leather
  • Cotton
  • Polyester Blends
  • Mesh
  • Nylon

Catered For Your Brand

Regardless of what industry your brand is involved in, sublimated totes are an ideal choice that can be made to be as brand-specific as you want. You can choose a tote design and material from having a range of customization options, depending on your brand values.

If you are an eco-friendly brand, you can choose totes made from recycled materials or vegan leather. Similarly, in the food and beverages industry, you can choose a moisture-wicking material or insulating materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you need sublimated bags blank imprinted or embroidered, we can expedite all the processes when you need your tote bags delivered a bit before the average time. Get in touch with our customer support to ask for your order to be expedited.

When you’re on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice the quality or make of the item, ensure that you’re looking through our wide range of sublimated totes that are available at wholesale prices, even when you order in bulk!

If you’re having difficulty figuring out how to represent your brand on your promotional item best, there’s no need to worry! Our customer support team can help ensure that your brand vision becomes a reality on sublimated totes with our in-house designing team.