Wholesale Custom Power Banks

Juice up your company swag bags with promotional power banks that energize devices while boosting your brand. Bagmaster’s diverse inventory of wholesale power banks includes carabiner keychains, wireless charging pads, dock chargers, banks with charging status displays, and solar power banks. Each custom power bank comes with your unique logo for tech products that offer lasting promotional power. With standard USB input ports, each branded power bank is fully compatible with Apple devices and Android smartphones. Help people stay connected no matter which device they’re using. Whether it’s a custom phone charger or a wireless speaker, the versatility of our custom power banks help you share your brand with a broader audience. With Bagmasters, it's quick and simple to create long-lasting connections that provide real-world value and elevate your brand.


We'll walk you through the process, including complimentary mockups and free samples (see service reviews).


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Promotional Power Banks For Sale

55 Products

Sphere Wireless Charging Pad

SKU: 4713-30
as low as

3-In-1 Stowaway Wireless Charging Kit With Earbuds

SKU: 4634-50
as low as

Unison Wireless Charging Pad & Speaker

SKU: 4634-47
as low as

Boost Wireless Charger Speaker

SKU: 4634-43
as low as

Xoopar Geo Wireless 5000mAh Power Bank

SKU: 4738-38
as low as

Xoopar Geo Dock Charger

SKU: 4738-37
as low as

Epsilon Mobile Power Bank

SKU: 4738-36
as low as

Gamma Wireless Charging Pad with 3-in-1 Cable

SKU: 4737-181
as low as

Heathered Wireless Charging Pad

SKU: 4734-62
as low as

Power Aid Wireless Charging Pad

SKU: 4734-61
as low as

Wireless Phone Charging Pad

SKU: 4734-58
as low as

Apex Power Bank 2200 mAh

SKU: 4728-20
as low as

Edge 2,000 Power Bank

SKU: 4713-28
as low as

UL Listed Two-Tone Power Bank

SKU: 4734-54
as low as

UL Listed Pebble Carabiner Power Bank

SKU: 4734-55
as low as

Qi Triad Wireless Charger

SKU: 4835-01
as low as

Qi 2-Go Power Bank Charger

SKU: 4735-03
as low as

4-in-1 Flip Power Bank

SKU: 4735-02
as low as

3-in-1 Flip Power Bank

SKU: 4735-01
as low as

Flip Power Bank Keychain

SKU: 4735-09
as low as

Jinn Rubber Coated 2200 mAh Power Bank

SKU: 4737-179
as low as
$6.84 to $7.10

RFID Gift Set

SKU: 13337-104
as low as

Favor Tech Gift Set

SKU: 13337-58
as low as

Sleek Aluminum 4,000 mAh Power Bank

SKU: 4813-09
as low as

Custom Phone Chargers Your Employees and Customers Will Love

Custom power banks are a smart marketing investment that lasts. With the high-tech, virtual world of business and commerce, it’s more important than ever for people to have the tools to work effectively. Giving power banks is a great way to show how much you value your clients and employees and the work they do.

Small enough to fit in a pocket or swag bag, your branded power banks will travel with people. Your wholesale charger is a marketing investment that will keep on giving to your audience and your brand. Ideal for you next trade show or corporate event.

Types of Custom Power Banks to Stay Energized

Keep devices going with a variety of promotional power banks that look good and serve a purpose. Check out the most popular Bagmasters power banks to serve your unique community.

Wireless Charging Pads

Devices are the way of the future and your audience probably has a few inside their bag. Make sure they stay powered up and ready for their next meeting or event with custom charging pads. These wholesale chargers are perfect for mobile phones, tablets, and even wireless speakers.

Wireless Charging Kit

Everything people need to stay connected in one handy kit. Stowaway wireless charging kits and their components can include a USB cord, car adapter, ear buds, charging pad, and more. Customize the components of promotional power bank kits with your logo or name so conference attendees or your employees take your brand wherever they go.

Wireless Power Bank

It seems that everything is going wireless today, even power sources. Customize tools like Epsilon’s mobile power bank to keep people prepared and plugged in even when they’re on the go.

Keep Your Customers and Employees Charged

Your brand deserves the highest-quality promotional products, whether it’s a custom power bank or a wholesale phone charger. We offer a lowest price guarantee, so you always know you’re making the best investment.

At Bagmasters, our commitment to quality and service starts with our exceptional promotional products. Our sleek and useful power banks are great promotional items for conferences, trade shows, thank you gifts, and corporate events. Memorialize your brand with custom power banks that really make a statement.

Five-star customer service is at the core of what we do. Our promotional product experts are here to help you find the perfect power bank solution for your unique customers and employees.