Custom Retractable Pens

Get your next marketing campaign on the 'write' track with custom printed retractable pens at Bagmasters. Retractable pens are ready to use with a quick click and your customers will never have to worry about losing a pen cap. Find an amazing selection of retractable pens from Bagmasters such as novelty pens, stylus pens, grip pens, gel pens, and more! These retractable pens are also available in a large variety of colors, and styles. Placing your personalized logo or message on each retractable pen will keep your brand at the forefront of your client's minds. Promoting your business doesn't have to break the bank. With our special bulk rates and affordable pricing, brand recognition is just a click away. If you have questions before or after the ordering process, please call us at 1-800-843-2247

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Sleek Write Rubberized Pen

SKU: 3234-191
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Custom Printed La Jolla Softy Monochrome Metallic Pen

SKU: 3299-93
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Custom Printed Cougar Gel Pen

SKU: 3213-57
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Hana Bamboo Cap-Off Ballpoint Pen

SKU: 3238-462
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Panda Pen

SKU: 3234-173
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Oasis Recycled Bottle Pen

SKU: 3234-34
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Full Color Le Pen

SKU: 3299-25
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Custom Printed Smoothy Classic Pen

SKU: 3299-45
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Up Your Standard Jotter Three Pen Pack

SKU: 3299-23
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Translucent Curvaceous Ballpoint

SKU: 3262-18
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Serenity Rubber Grip Pen

SKU: 3234-25
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Capture Moments with Branded Retractable Pens

Bagmasters' retractable pens are not just writing instruments; they are companions in every spontaneous moment of creativity and decision-making.

  • Corporate Environments: Enhance the pace and efficiency of every meeting and brainstorming session with pens that are always ready to capture the next big idea.

  • Educational Institutes: Provide students and faculty with a tool that’s as quick and reliable as their thoughts, facilitating a seamless learning and teaching experience.

  • Promotional Events: Make your brand a part of every guest’s journey by offering retractable pens that are always ready to jot down moments of inspiration.

Reliability at Your Fingertips

Every Bagmasters retractable pen is a synergy of reliable writing performance and the convenience of quick access. Adaptable and stylish, they are ready to be customized with your logo, ensuring your brand is associated with quality and reliability.

With diverse designs and colors, every pen promises not just a smooth writing experience but also an opportunity for your brand to make a statement.

Click into Excellence with Bagmasters’ Custom Retractable Pens

Every custom pen from Bagmasters is a commitment to quality and convenience. We understand the pace of the modern world, and with these pens, your brand becomes a companion in every spontaneous moment of creativity and decision-making.

Dive into our collection, and let each click unveil a world where your brand stands as a symbol of reliability and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Their convenience and reliability make retractable pens a favorite. Having your brand on such widely used items ensures constant visibility and association with practical utility.

We offer a range of customization options, including screen printing and full-color wraps, to ensure your brand aesthetics are vividly and accurately represented.

Bagmasters is equipped to handle orders of any size, offering attractive discounts for bulk purchases to maximize your brand's reach.

Yes, our assortment of retractable pens is available in various styles, colors, and finishes, ensuring a perfect match for your brand's identity and your audience’s preferences.