Custom Face Masks for Sale

We have heard the requests from clients and now are ready to help with custom face masks. Intended to provide additional protection against large, airborne moisture droplets, dust, debris, and other hazardous fluids, these disposable and reusable face masks can be personalized or branded for organizations who want to enhance safety and wellbeing. While helpful as a face mask for flu or dust, they are not meant to replace N95 masks, surgical face masks, or any medical quality face masks. At Bagmasters, we are committed to providing the best face masks for everyday use, including reusable masks, disposable masks, custom face shields, and more.

Custom Face Masks: Choose Your Style

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Sublimated Bandana

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Sublimated Stretch Bandana

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Silky Scarf

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Custom Multifunctional Neck Gaiter

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Sublimated Cooling Fabric Neck Gaiter

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Fleece Scarf

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Adjustable 3-Ply Cooling Face Mask

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Cotton Resusable Face Mask

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Carhartt Cotton Blend Filter Pocket Gaiter

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Carhartt Cotton Ear Loop Face Mask (3 pack)

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Full Color Neck Gaiter

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Youth Cotton Reusable Face Mask

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What do Face Masks Do?

Wearing a face mask is a great way to practice good hygiene and may help prevent the spread of germs, whether indoors, outdoors, or in the midst of travel. For employers, custom face masks are a simple way to protect their workforce while providing an attractive, unique, and even fashionable alternative to disposable masks.

While these face masks cannot guarantee 100% protection from diseases and other harmful bacteria, wearing a face mask in conjunction with regular hand washing and respecting personal space may offer additional protection against the spread of harmful bacteria.

Reusable vs. Disposable Face Masks

Bagmasters proudly offers both reusable and disposable face masks to suit a variety of needs. Reusable masks are ideal for organizations that want to represent their brand in public while staying safe, in addition to using for everyday use in a variety of places. Reusable masks are easy to hand or machine wash, so you always have a face mask ready to go.

Disposable masks are helpful for quick and easy use, and come in bulk packages for easy dispensing. If you need simple dust mask to keep out pollutants when working outside, or for a quick run to the grocery store, disposable masks are great to have on hand.

What Are Face Masks Good For?

Many people associate face coverings with flu masks or other types of clinical applications, but there are actually a number of ways for face masks to protect people whether at work, home, or abroad. Even though some may wonder “Do face masks work,” wearing them when working in the following industries may be useful in protecting one’s health and wellbeing.

Working Professionals

A number of industries can benefit from using custom face masks including:

  • Healthcare Workers
  • Construction Professinals
  • Security Personnel
  • Food Service Industry
  • Veterinary Professionals
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Grocery Store Professionals
  • Caregivers

Students Attending In-Person Classes

For students headed to school, face masks paired with some hand sanitizer will help them stay safe and healthy in the classroom. Choose from custom reusable masks to keep things stylish or have boxes of disposable masks in classrooms to have ready for students who may come unprepared. You can even get your school’s name, logo, or mascot put on custom face masks to show your school spirit!

General Public

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that all people wear face masks when out in public such as visiting the grocery store, going to the doctor, taking a walk, or running daily errands. While this does not guarantee protection from disease, it can prevent moisture droplets and other fluids or particles from being spread from the nose and mouth.

When Should Your Wear Face Masks?

Face masks provide ample protection from the spread of germs no matter where you are. Anytime that you leave your home and are in close proximity to other people, it’s a great time to wear a face mask. You may even choose to wear it while driving or when spending time with loved ones who are immuno-compromised. Whether you’re choosing Bagmasters’ custom, disposable, or reusable face masks, we’re here to help you find the best face mask to suit your needs and the needs of your organization.