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High Sierra 22" Garrett Sport Duffel

SKU: 1637-51
as low as

High Sierra 24" Crunk Cross-Sport Duffel

SKU: 1637-78
as low as

High Sierra 21" Water Sport Duffel

SKU: 1637-77
as low as

Base Camp 18" Sport Duffel Bag

SKU: 1613-06
as low as

Vista 18" Sport Duffel

SKU: 1637-35
as low as

Atlas 20" Sport Duffel

SKU: 1637-34
as low as

Shockwave Sport Duffel

SKU: 1637-26
as low as

Triple Pocket Sports Duffel

SKU: 1646-01
as low as

Deluxe Sports Duffel Bag

SKU: 1634-05
as low as

Attivo Sport 20" Duffel

SKU: 1637-70
as low as

Triumph 19" Sport Duffel

SKU: 1637-71
as low as

Dunes 22" Deluxe Sport Duffel

SKU: 1637-72
as low as

Excel Sport Deluxe 20" Duffel

SKU: 1637-82
as low as

Excel Sport 18" Club Duffel

SKU: 1637-81
as low as

Exodus Sport/Cooler Bag

SKU: 1629-02
as low as

Shoe Storage Duffel

SKU: 1644-09
as low as

OGIO- Hamblin 30 Wheeled Duffel

SKU: 1657-30
as low as

OGIO Hamblin 22 Wheeled Duffel

SKU: 1657-29
as low as

High Sierra 26" Wheeled Duffel (Black)

SKU: 1637-14
as low as

High Sierra 22" Rolling Duffel

SKU: 1637-06
as low as

Samsonite Andante 22" Wheeled Duffel

SKU: 1628-14
as low as

Urban Passage 25" Rolling Duffel

SKU: 1637-15
as low as

Excel 26" Wheeled Travel Duffel

SKU: 1637-16
as low as

Why Order Personalized Bags?

Personalized bags will help you get your brand out there and connect with your audience. Because they’re such a practical, durable product, you’ll get a greater ROI over a longer period.

Plus, everybody uses bags! And if you’re going to order a personalized product with your brand, why not order something that’ll get used a lot? That way, your audience will appreciate it more, use it more, and more people will see your brand.

They really are for everyone! Here are 6 groups who regularly order personalized bags through Bagmasters…

1. Schools

Schools, colleges, and preschool centers will love having their own custom tote bags or backpacks for students to bring their gear to and from class. Personalized bags can boost your school’s recognition in the community, encourage pride in the school, and create a more uniform style.

2. Gyms

If you run a fitness center, your members will love getting a custom drawstring bag as a sign-up perk. It’ll help remind them to get up and go to regular classes, plus hold their gym towel and water bottle. And it’ll boost your brand’s visibility to the local fitness community.

3. Conference Organizers

Organizing a conference is hard work. You need to sell tickets, book venues, get speakers, and more. But ordering personalized bags to give out to attendees is one of the easiest things you can do – and something that can set the tone of your whole event.

4. Tradeshow Exhibitors

Competition can be tough at tradeshows. Stand out from the crowd and draw the right people to your stand with promotional bags full of samples, branded gear, and product info. That way, you’ll make an impression, your brand will make its way back into your target audiences’ homes and workplaces, and you’ll get a much better ROI.

5. Employers

Give your new employees a welcome gift on their first day of work. Package it up with their onboarding information in a custom branded personalized bag. It’s an easy way to help them feel part of your company and start things off on the right foot.

6. Retailers

Finally, if you’re a retailer, logo bags are essential. Your customers expect a sturdy bag to help carry and protect their new purchase. Plus, it’ll help more shoppers recognize (and find) your store.

There are so many uses and applications for personalized bags, and you can find a promotional bag for every business and occasion. From personalized briefcases and luggage bags to custom drawstring bags and paper bags – there are so many styles to choose from.

Ready to get started? Order your personalized bags with Bagmasters today! Choose the bag that best suits you or ask our friendly team for help selecting the right one. We’ll help you customize your bag with artwork so it’s clear and perfectly positioned. With fast shipping and quick turnarounds, you could have your personalized bags delivered in as little as 2-3 weeks.