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6 Gift Ideas To Give New Clients
Thanking new clients with a gift is always a great idea in marketing your business. It makes a person feel that you sincerely appreciate them, which in turn gives them a sense that they made the right choice in doing business with you. Though pens are really great promotional items to keep on your front desk next to your business cards, they aren't something you would give out to clients as a thank you. Instead, go for items that are new and unique that they find useful. Here are a few great products that will get people talking about your company.

1. Tote Bags
With your companies name on the front, bags are a great way to promote your company because they are used so frequently on a day to day basis. People can use reusable bags to go to the grocery store, a bag as their everyday purse to do errands in, or even a tote bag to take to the park or beach. There always seems to be a use for a bag, why not have your bag be the one that people are using? 

2. Sunglasses
Whether it's on the golf course, at the beach, or driving around town. Sunglasses are a great promotional gift because it's something unique and not always thought of when you think of a company giving away something and because people use them everyday help block out the sun.

3. A Tumbler Cup
Tumbler cups are quite popular right now because not only are they reusable, but they're also light weight and easy to clean out, not to mention they come with a reusable straw as well. Whether it's soda, iced tea, or plain water, they're great for holding your beverage of choice in. A companies name brand or logo can easily be added to a tumbler. Some of the best I've seen are ones that have an option to carry hot and cold beverages, like the image above.

4. A Journal
Though with the technology we have today, we're able to have everything from to do lists, notes, and our own personal journal on our smart phones, but many people still prefer writing on paper for certain things.

5. Fleece Blanket
Blankets are a great gift to give because they really come in handy especially when traveling or going to outside games. It's always a good idea to have a blanket in your car for emergency purposes too.

6. Gift Sets
Special business deals, or even during the holidays are a great time to give a client a gift set package with more than just one or two items. Something with a beverage cooler, tumbler cup, some nice writing utensils and journal along with maybe a t-shirt would be perfect. 

Ultimately what matters is that you put forth the thoughtful effort towards thanking your clients. Doing so will not only increase the chance that they'll continue to choose doing business with you, but also that they'll refer you to others as well.

  Natalie Ayama
  Social Media Producer at
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6 Gift Ideas To Give New Clients
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